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"Spiritual, human, and earthy." 

-Jaime Manser - Zocalo Magazine, Tucson, AZ


"Kate Becker is a gas and a class act...her warm, voluminous voice is especially convincing when she duets with Stuart Oliver" -Willy Neubauer, Zurich Tagesanzeiger 

     Based in Southern Arizona, Stuart Oliver and Kate Becker are two complimentary singer/ songwriters that combine forces to create a soulful and euphonious experience, exploring the genres of Cosmic Americana and New-Age Funk.

     Multi-instrumentalist and Billboard Chart-topping songwriter Stuart Oliver (Desert Angels) brings an array of colorful songs to the group, while Kate Becker lights up the stage, calling upon her background in jazz and soul performance art honed in Bern, Switzerland and New York City.

     Together they have performed throughout the southwest, in New York City, Glastonbury, UK, and Zurich, Switzerland. Following their 2010 release, "Soft Revolution," their new record is a sci-fi folk-rock opera entitled "Cosmic Ride" about Bisbee, benevolent E.T.'s, and living from a place of love instead of fear.

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